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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  January 2, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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we were friends before. we're friends now.
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we don't have a problem. >> gilbert arenas talking for the first time about allegedly pulling a gun at his teammate at verizon center and tough talk from the poland family of what they called unacceptable behavior. guns in the wizards locker room. a police investigation developing more than a week now. days ago disturbing reports that gilbert arenas and crittendon pulled guns on each other. gilbert tweeted about it yesterday and talked about it tonight. >> when this alleged report came out, the report came out, he tweeted yesterday that he was being portrayed as a john wayne. he is a goofy guy and doesn't do serious things like that. making light of the incident trying to take some of the --
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>> sting out of it. >> he was making light but this is a serious situation. today making comments for the first time tonight. >> a bit of a distraction. >> a complete distraction. one huge distraction for the wizards as they are desperately trying to win basketball games and all the focus is off the court. tonight gilbert arenas spoke for the first time about the confrontation with teammate va various crittendon. >> i'm a goof ball. with something like this, i'm going to make fun of it. why be depressed at home when i can make people laugh. >> are you confident, gil, wn all of this is said and done people will look and understand there was much to do about nothing? >> yeah.
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once the da makes a decision and the nba does their job we'll see what happens. >> gilbert arenas responding to the alleged incident. one way or the other saying it didn't happen. not in those words but i think this is going to -- he is going to let it play out. >> he is laughing and smiling about the whole thing, too. some are disappointed. others don't believe the allegations. derrick ward is at the verizon center. he talked to some fans. >> reporter: you think a team's whose record is 10-20 would welcome a distraction, that may be the case but this wasn't what they had in mind. on december 21st, according to reports gilbert arenas and javaris crittendon were having a dustup over a gambling debt when words were exchanged.
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>> i hope it is not true. that's all. i hope it's not true. >> he seems like a nice guy and hangs out with little kids. a person who hangs out with little kids will pull a gun on somebody. >> i think it is a joke. arenas is a jokester. the whole team revolves around arenas. i can't buy it is serious. >> reporter: the metropolitan police are investigating. arenas said he did have guns in his locker in a locked box and the guns were not loaded. he turned them over to security because he no longer wanted them in his home around his children. >> they are stars but i don't understand why they would need to carry them in the stadium. >> reporter: if the allegations of an armed faceoff prove true -- >> i hope that is not the case. the next couple of days it is
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all gone. >> we need to keep the shooting on the floor and out of the locker room. >> reporter: the team owner released a statement saying guns brought to the verizon center is dangerous, disappointing and showed extremely poor judgment. guns have no place in ah work place environment. derrick ward, news 4. >> derrick, thank you. fans had trouble getting to verizon because of a security scare. a bomb squad was called in to look at what looked like a bomb under a truck. it turns out the package was actually just a cup holder. the bitter cold has deended upon d.c. people out and about this saturday night are walking a little faster to stay warm.
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some are having to wear a few more layers, other folks covering their face with their hands to keep out the wind. we found one man taking it all in stride though. >> i drink a lot of coffee and tea. i keep moving and just try to get a good companion. >> presumably the woman next to him is that companion. lo of layers. meteorologist chuck bell is here to tell us more. how low is it going to go, chuck? >> windchills are near zero. actual air temperatures are in the high teens and low 20s. a few more degrees to shed between now and the time the sun comes up. 19 degrees in fairfax and loudoun county. 19 in manassas. virginia is cold. maryland is not much better. 19 in frederick, 20 in demascus.
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sustained winds of 20 to 30 miles per hour. windchill advisories are posted near the blue ridge. around town windchills single digits to zero. this coming week president obama will sit down with national security and intelligence chiefs to figure out how the botched terror attempt over detroit got as far as it did. today the president confirmed an al qaeda group in yemen ordered that attempted christmas day terror attack. the group trained and armed the 23-year-old nigerian man accused in the failed bombing attack of a plane over detroit. mr. obama plans to meet with his officials. >> they should all be in the hot seat. there should be action taken. there was a lack of accountability in the system. a top u.s. counterterrorism
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official warned al qaeda and other groups will continue to test u.s. defenses and likely try again to launch an attack on american soil. america's top general in that region david petraeus is in yemen talking with local officials about the fight against al qaeda. still ahead on this broadcast tonight -- >> estimated a true honor. i'll stop my [ bleep ]. >> he is saying he stalks his prey. those are the words that helped lead to a deadly shootout in virginia. cops said they had to shoot a teenager who stole a police car and taunted them on their own radio. on thin ice. how one dog got in a tough spot. new revelations about tiger's wife and kids and what they have all been doing since all of those women came forward.
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hey, here is one way not to kick off the new year. two revellers in san francisco thought it would be a good idea to park their truck in the middle of the highway. they had to wake up the driver who was able to walk out. that guy was not as you can see there. the passenger, so out of it he had to be dragged then carried to the police cruiser. both men were arrested. a virginia teenager led police on a high-speed chase that ended in a deadly shootout. it started yesterday when officers tried to pull out 18-year-old kobe ebert.
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police say he ran away and stole a deputy's car. albermale, virginia and state police went after him. he taunted them with the police radio. that is if you all [ bleep ] try to kill me because that's. i stalk my prey. >> the teenager crashed the police car. started firing at deputies and officers. they fired back and killed him. investigators are trying to figure out why that teenager started shooting in the first place. up next, it is cold. frigid, in fact. meteorologist chuck bell is going to join us to tell us when and if it is ev
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there is a family dog in fredericksburg lucky to be alive. rescuers plucked her from icy waters. she decided to walk across a partially frozen lake. she fell through the ice. angel's owner called 911. this is camera phone video of her being lifted from the water. you can see her body half submerged treading water. >> i looked out the window and saw angel right there just treading water trying to get out. my husband said call 911! call 911! so i ran back in the house and i was crying, i think. i was hysterical. i don't know if you are allowed
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to call 911 for dogs. >> angel's owners say she is just fine tonight. tiger woods wife spent the holiday vacationing at a ski shah lay. tiger woods has not seen their young children in nearly a month. elip woods believes her husband is not stable. she spent her 30th birthda on new year's day with her twin sister. tiger's aids say he may not play golf until 2012. back here it is frigid. >> no trouble getting an early tee time tomorrow. you have to be an industrial strength golfer to get out there. hit the ball to the south and east. that wind is screaming out of the northwest all night and throughout the day tomorrow. so dangerously low windchills. bring i your pets and kiddos
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from the overnight chill. it is a cold start. outside clear sky over washington and the temperatures, oh, they are a tumbling now after a high of only 30 degrees earlier this afternoon. our low is the current temperature, dropping to 20 degrees, 20 at national airport. a norwest wind to 20 miles an hour. lowered our current windchill to eight degrees. a bone chilling night. already in the mid to high teens. martinsburg, west virginia, down to 16 degrees now. 20 in quantico. zero the windchill in winchester, one degrees at dulles airport, one degrees at prince george's county, the inner harbor. single digits above and below zero. a few lingering snow showers across western pennsylvania and the mountains of central west
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virginia. no snow flurries for tonight or tomorrow. the next chance of a flurry is on monday, monday afternoon. current windchills minus 4 in cincinnati, minus 15 in chicago. the heart of the cold air is continuing to blow in on a strong northwesterly wind, a deepening area of low pressure moving from new england. high arctic pressure is dropping out of canada, keeping a very cold flow. usually the winds go down after the sun sets, with this pressure gradient that is not the case. it will stay windy tonight and through the course of the day tomorrow. temperatures barely getting to the freezing mark. a bundle up weekend indeed. in the morning, partly cloudy, cold and windy, air temperatures 10 to 18 degrees. tomorrow a day like today, a mix of clouds and sunshine, hazy winter gray color to the sky.
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winds stay up, 20 to 30 miles an hour, highs in the upper 20s to near 30 degrees. seven-day forecast shows cold weather in place all week long. highs tomorrow near 30. mid 30s on monday with a chance of a few flurries. no big deal there. conversational snow flakes at the most. tuesday and wednesday stay fa fairly cold with temperatures well below average, light snow comes up during the day on friday. up next in sports, more on what gilbert arenas had to say after the game tonight. he was talking about the alleged incident of him pulling a gun on
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more about what gl bert had to say after the game about this gun stuff. >> he continues to sound lik he is basically joking. >> he is taking it lightly. >> as you and i would say, this is a serious deal here. >> one would think. >> for him to respond to this with a joke -- in a joking manner, i don't think it is appropriate. gun play and a gambling debt. it sounds like a perfect plot from the wild, wild west. instead it involves a star point guard and his teammate. after the incident was reported on new year's day gilbert arenas responded on twitter saying he was being portrayed as john wayne. he said it is intriguing. it is a huge distraction. the wizards trying to take five
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from the bizarre drama. hosting the san antonio spurs. final seconds of the first quarter, oberto to gilbert. got it. wizards down six at the end of the quarter. then wizards playing good basketball here in transition early. looking good. earl boykins with a drive. passes to caron butler. he puts it up and in. wizards take the lead 41-40. then former wizard, roger mason jr. hits the wide open three-pointer. he added 20 points. game tied at 50 at halftime. third quarter, andre blatche. arenas grabs it. goes coast-to-coast for the bucket. arenas finished with 23 points but the spurs, well they pull away down the stretch. tim duncan with the ball heavily
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defended, takes a few dribbles and hits the fadeaway jumper. he is fouled. the wizards fall 97-86, their fourth straight loss. arenas speaking to reporters not sounding worried. >> my concern is only on the basketball court right now. we are not performing the way we should. we played a great game tonight. i felt we played great defense. i think if we play like this the way we did tonight we will beat a lot of teams. san antonio is a great team. they hit shots during the game and after that. other than that i don't let outside -- >> do you worry about what the league might do? do you worry about what the team might do? >> no. just whaver happens happens. i can't do anything about that. i have to keep a smile on my face and enjoy life. >> do you wish you would have done something differently. >> the way everything played
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out. i could have chose better judgment in bringing them here. at the time getting them out of the house. the second place i come is here. thanks guys. >> gilbert arenas saying he used bad judgment. turning the hockey, the capitals were turned away by jonathan quick who made 26 saves. bruce boudreau and the caps playing their first game of the new year. kings on the power play. cope tar from the point. ryan smyth gets the rebound. puts it in. 1-0 kings. caps outshot 11-in the period. trailed 1-0. caps answer on the power play. tom poti to mike green. he rips it past quick. green's tenth goal of the season. third period knotted at 1. caps on the power play. here comes brad richardson. he shoots but it is wide.
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he stays with it. alex ovechkin forgets about the puck. michal handzus beats noivert. caps with a two-man advantage. fires a shot. stopped by quick. he covers it. after the chifl the puck slides in. no goal. the caps lose 2-1. their third loss in a row. caps back at home on tuesday agains montreal. college hoops. george mason ended the decade with a down right stale perform maps, 27-point defeat, one of the worst losses in program history. a new year offers a fresh start that is what the patriots needed. playing in the first game of 2010. under five seconds to play in the first, cam long to luke hancock in the corner. the friendly bounce. george mason leading 31-28 at the brea in the second half, off the
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monarch miss, the rebound to cornelius to tate. to morrison for the dunk. remember, kids, sharing is caring. later in the second half, patriots turning defense into offense. sherrod wright and morrison forced the bad shot. wright leading the break. the nice bounce pass to ryan pearson. george mason cruises 71-55. >> thanks, buddy. dave matthews up next on "snl." we will be back here tomorrow. until then, that'the news. good night.
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♪ we will now take you live to beijing for the joint press conference already under way between u.s. president obama and chinese president j


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